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"Discover who you are; how you can be healthy and happy. Live with passion & purpose, so you can light up the world with your fire."

Amanda Wallace



"Amanda has been very helpful to our patients in my family practice in Royal Oak, Michigan
I am interested in non drug evidence based interventions especially treating children with disorders attention deficit with and without hyperactivity and stress management just to name a few
utilizing Yoga as a treatement adjunct...I have seen this be of great benefit! In adddition, Amanda has been credentialed in many different subject disciplines of Yoga, both as a certified and credentialed instructer and teacher which you do not always get with most other Yoga disciplines especially in the medical setting..I highly recommend her to physicians to help serve their patients not only on this interventional level but also on preventative health and wellness basis for both their patients and their staff. Paul Ehrmann,"

- Dr Paul Ehrmann

"I recently had the pleasure of taking part of Amanda's meditation group. I attended seven classes with Amanda. While she did more than just teach the class; she offered insight and explanations of the different teachings and health benefits behind Yoga and Meditation. Yoga has helped me understand the benefits of having a healthy body and healthy mind. I credit the relaxing techniques of mediation; with aiding me in quitting smoking. I have grown to love myself and cherish the things in life that matter most; my family, myself, and my happiness.

From the outset, Amanda has been sincere, understanding, and motivational person; the type of person that listens to problems and offers her best guidance. These qualities are greatly reflected in her teachings. Amanda is a dedicated teacher, and remarkable at sharing her knowledge and benefits of the practice with her students and everyone that surrounds her.

As a college graduate, I understand the importance of having an empathetic and driven teacher. She not only teaches, she is active in participating in her classes. I do and will continue to recommend her classes to people."


"Amanda is very adamant about safety. I feel that everyone in the class benefits from the way she stops to explain safe alignment in new yoga poses.  She gives motivating insight though out our practice. She takes the time to listen to any questions and make sure we understand. Her teaching of the yoga practices has given me strength and understanding of myself...and she makes it lots of fun! She loves what she is teaching and it shows. I have been a student of hers since she began teaching, and I will continue to attend her classes and recommend them to others."


I came to Amanda's Breathing and Meditation workshop in June 2016 as a life saver, literally. At the time, my husband and I decided something needed to be done to take time for myself to lower stress levels before health problems started to occur due to stress. In fact I chose to leave my job at the time to focus on our home remodel, the cause of the stress, and that is when I found Amanda.  Her informative instruction and educational teaching style has helped me so much.  Slowing down and focusing on my breath has been tremendously helpful in managing my Anxiety and Anger which are my major causes of Stress.  Meditating and taking time for me has allowed me to realize that the practice of yoga might not be beyond my grasp.  After completing her breathing and meditation workshop I enrolled in her Intro to Yoga series.  I completed that series of classes overcoming not only my anxiety to stretch in the company of others, but also to stretch my body a bit more each class. Now, having completed my first of hopefully many intermediate workshops, I look forward to stretching my mind and body with each lesson.


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