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About Amanda 500-RYT, 200-ERYT, YACEP

Amanda has first-hand experience with the benefits of yoga. At 21, she suffered from debilitating joint pain as a result of training as a competitive figure skater. Through yoga and mindfulness practices, she was able to learn to manage and ultimately overcome this pain. 

The transformation that Amanda saw from her practice was more than just physical. Her entire sense of well-being flourished. Now, she is committed to offering yoga to others through individual coaching sessions in person and online, group yoga classes and training yoga teachers. 


Amanda is a graduate of Sangha Yoga's 200 hour YTT where she is now a regular assistant, and graduated the 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2017.  She has received an additional 40 hours of training in trauma-informed yoga with David Emmerson from the Trauma Center in Boston, Massachusetts, and 30 hours of training as a volunteer Crisis Counselor for the Crisis Textline. Recently, she was part of the Beta Group for the launch of Karina Mirsky's Yoga Mindset Coaching Program.


Amanda has taught in the Blue Osa One-Month-Immersion Teacher Training program and works as an Adjunct Professor teaching Yoga at Kellogg Community College. In addition to sharing her love of yoga with college students and aspiring yoga teachers, Amanda began teaching yoga to physicians at the Michigan Osteopath Associations fall and spring conferences in 2017. Her mission is to raise awareness in the medical community about the benefits of yoga and the value of private coaching. 

Amanda believes in the benefits of private yoga practice and is passionate about sharing those benefits with others as they work toward their goals for a happy, healthy lifestyle. She understands that each individual is different, and works from a place of curiosity to help them discover how they can personalize their yoga practice to meet their specific needs. Amanda believes that yoga holds the capacity to nourish self-empowerment, inspire self-care and fuel self-transformation, and she is committed to supporting each individual on their own unique journey. 

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